Do you find information in the health and fitness industry to be contradicting, confusing, and misleading?

You ever notice how, when searching for information on fitness, health, and wellness, there is so much information that it can feel very overwhelming. Not only is it overwhelming, but you’ll read one article and then read another, contradicting the previous article you read. The reason is meant to keep people confused. This reason is one of many for example, let’s use “weight loss”. You can research weight loss and tons of information will comes up. You ever tried following one of these weight loss diet plans or workout programs and they either didn’t work or worked for a little while and then you noticed no more changes. That’s because the fitness industry wants to keep consumers in a state of confusion so people (you the consumer) can continue to buy their services.

It’s all about money. The fitness industry is still an industry.  They look at to you like and many people employed by them like $$$. Gyms and some trainers will sell you this nice plan of how they’re going to get you to your goals and you’ll reach your goals in a certain time, etc. Now in certain cases that can be true, but I’ll tell you right now if you’re receiving training through a gym. The gym is taking most of your money and the trainer’s money. So all the money you pay for training, the gym receives not the trainer. Why is that important? Being a trainer is a physically demanding career, and your income is based on your performance. With some gyms only giving trainer .05% in personal training sales, and around %10 in commissions for selling supplements, but I’ll cover that more in a later blog. The point I’m trying to make is if you pay for training (which isn’t cheap) and you have an underpaid trainer (along with other factors). Do you think as a consumer you’re receiving quality training? I’ll leave that to you, to figure out. This is just an example of how the fitness industry (gyms specifically) keep you confused.

The more confused you are, the more you are willing to continue to look for help, in the continuing search for help, you may try different services or guides along your journey to help you achieve your fitness goals. I just want you to think. If you’re doing all this research and trial and error and nothing seems to work. You paid for certain services, you tried these classes, you ordered meals from meal prep companies, etc. And still seems like nothing works.

For many, this can be frustrating and discouraging. And I totally understand. I wanted to get bigger because I felt I was too skinny. Followed multiple workout plans and diet plans, and some worked for the moment but the results didn’t last. What I had to do was find something that worked and stuck to it. My best advice is to do just that. Try one thing at a time. Not multiple programs and services at a time. And give it time for you to have an experience.

Don’t let this fitness industry discourage you. Yes, there’s a lot of misleading information out there, but there’s also a lot of helpful information. My goal is to bridge the gap between misleading and helpful information and provide it to you in a form that you all can understand. “Keep it simple son” my dad would always say.