The Hidden Secrets of a Fitness Professional

I have been into fitness ever since I was young. My mom uses to be a fitness instructor, during the summer my dad used to wake me up and work me out in the living room, and my older cousin taught me the foundations of strength training. Growing up around all this, lead me to play basketball all throughout high school. In college,  people would see me in the gym and the most commonly asked question I would get is “ How do I get abs”. This led me to pursue personal training. In the beginning, I was a freelance trainer (independent) and I later made the decision to further my education by getting certified through NASM ( in 2016. From there I worked in multiple gyms, I was a high-intensity boot camp instructor, and I’ve trained over a hundred of people.
In my years of experience as a trainer along with the many hours of research I’ve conducted, I  have come to realize a lot about the everyday person and why there is such a lack of motivation when it comes to fitness.  You ever wondered why there are so many people out of shape? Why is obesity in the USA so high? Or why cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death? What about why people have such bad posture? Even my favorite, why is it that when searching for answers or help, you find confusing and misleading information?? The list goes on…
Just hear me out, please. All these people you see on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc, that are fit, doing all this cool stuff, and lifting heavy weight make up a SMALL percentage of the fitness population.
Don’t let these social media models and celebrities have you fooled either. There are plenty of photoshop apps out there, be aware of this. Not to mention, having a personal trainer is NOT low cost because it’s not a cheap service. If you’re able to afford a personal trainer to meet with consistently 2-3 times out the week for at least 12 weeks, you should look like your in shape. The reason why I say this is because many people do not fall into this category either.
Also don’t forget, plastic surgery has been trending for years now. Hey, to each is own. Everyone has seen these women with the lifted, huge bubble butts, but the thigh to butt ratio doesn’t match. And of course, these figure 8 bodies but can’t perform a proper sit up or squat. THEY PAID FOR THOSE BODIES. Don’t look to this as motivation or goals! It’s false, they didn’t work for it! Now I can’t speak for everyone as there are a lot who worked extremely hard for their bodies and figure. I’m just letting you guys know, don’t be mislead.
The reason for The Hidden Secrets of a Fitness Professional is that I would like to share with you all what I believe to be the answers to the everyday person when it comes to fitness and health. I also want to bridge the gap between confusing, misleading information and what I believe to be the truth when it comes to the fitness industry.
I aspire to help educate as many people as possible and inform individuals on what I believe is the truth. These facts and experiences can benefit people in more way, not just fitness. I look to tell you what some fitness professionals won’t or don’t know, what exactly you are getting from the pricey gym fees and explain the fitness jargon in a way that everyone can understand.
I’m not here to get you but to assist you.
If you find this post informative and helpful, please share!
Thank you!!

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