Quality of Personal Training

I just want to put you all on to something. I know a lot of people are seeking to help when it comes to obtaining a certain goal. From my experience, as a fitness professional, I’ve come to notice how gyms, trainers, and these so-called social media “health & wellness coaches”. Capitalize on the ignorance of people when it comes to the fitness industry. I understand we have to make money, so I get it. Although I get it, I feel the services that are offered can be very price consuming for the everyday person. And I don’t feel for what the consumers are paying, they are receiving quality training. That’s my biggest issue.

What do I mean by quality training?

What I mean by quality training, is your trainer, fitness professional, or health & wellness, coach. Should understand how to train/coach a client safely, properly, and best to their client’s capabilities. A lot of these so-called trainers, don’t understand you can’t train every person you come across like how you would train yourself. There’s a difference on how we as trainers, fitness professionals, and gym enthusiast train, compared to the everyday person.

When I started out as a trainer, I use to make the same mistake. As a former athlete and a fitness addict. Exercise, fitness, hard work, pain, dedication, etc. comes naturally to me and some others. I learned what may be easy to me, can be very challenging for most.

I’ll use the example of jumping. As an athlete jumping is a common motion. Its almost instinctive for us to tell our bodies to stay in an athletic stance, keep our cores engaged, generate explosive power, and land light on our feet. For most people, this is a very challenging task. The most jumping a person has done, were when they were kids to maybe college(if that). Is this really so shocking? The obesity rate is extremely high in the USA, schools cut funding for physical education, and most people sit down at a desk for several hours with limited activity. These factors make a task of jumping even squatting down to pick something up, very difficult for most.

Not only do those seeking help may not understand, but fitness professionals don’t either. This isn’t to knock any professional and their craft. I’m just speaking from experience. I was the same kind of trainer. Hours of frustrating one on one sessions, wondering why this person can’t perform this simple task. I had to step outside myself and observe. I had to do the research and further my knowledge. Everyone! Understand when training the objective is to train effectively and safely.

I know I went on a bit of a rant, but I must keep you guys informed. I just want you all to know especially if you’re starting out or just getting back into shape, what you all are getting yourselves into. There’s a lot of confusing and misleading information out there. Don’t be fooled, just keep it simple, stay consistent & dedicated, and continue to further your knowledge.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

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One thought on “Quality of Personal Training

  1. Totally agree!!
    I used to be the shortest and thinnest kid in class, with asthma and allergy. What was normal for others was a great challenge for me 😀 Fortunately, I improved with time and a lot of effort!
    Big hugs, keep writing!!

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