Fun in the sun(Functional movement of the week)

Working on foot speed with the ladder. Doing ladder drills in the sand is a lot harder than doing them on a basketball court.

Functional movements of the week

Inchworm to Ankle taps

Inchworms to Mt. climbers to Push up

Each round is 5 reps and you can perform 1-3 sets.

This is good movement preparation before a workout or you can add these to your finisher or cool down.

I like these movements, for you’re working for multiple muscle groups at the time. The core is being engaged, the upper body is being worked, hand/grip strength will improve, better mobility, good for building strength and endurance.

The best part of it all. You don’t need any weights or a gym. All you need is yourself and space. So there’s no excuse at all.

I had to get crazy toward the end. Learned some new push-up tricks so I had to try them out.

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