Handstand Practice/Glute Builder(Functional Movements of the week)

As of lately, I have become really fascinated with the handstand. This takes a lot of upper body strength, core stability, flexibility, and focus. One of the most challenging movements has experienced for your literally holding your own weight upside down. If you too, are interested in trying to perform a handstand. Try these exercises.

* Handstand Kickups
* Walk drill walk-ups

these will help build up that upper body strength and core strength to hold yourself upside down.

Glute builder/Burner. These may not look cool and sexy like what you may see on the internet, but we’re not here forego. We are here to get results and achieve goals. These are excellent glute activators. The glutes, help assist you better on primary lifts such as deadlifts and squat. So fellas, make sure to work the butt. You want to perform these at a controlled pace with good technique. Too many times especially with ladies, will I see them perform some of these exercises with such bad form. The objective is to workout effectively and safely. Ladies the butt isn’t just for aesthetic. You want to grow and shape it. You have to keep that muscle under tension. That will be a lot harder to achieve if you’re performing the exercises wrong.

Warm up
*Single leg wall abduction
*Resisted hip abduction

*Supine resisted hip abduction into hip bridges. 10 reps of each then repeat, no rest.
*Single leg abduction to single butt kick 5 reps then alternate
*Straight single leg but kick. 5 reps on each side
*Single leg abduction to straight single leg butt kick. 5 reps

* alternating butt kicks into single leg abduction to straight single leg butt kick to alternating lateral leg extensions to plank jacks.

Your Glutes will be on fire after this exercise. add these to your warm up or post workout.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

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