My Journal (words & Wisdom)

I just want more for us. I feel it in my heart. I honestly do. I can see it. I can see it clear. So clear it can be touched. One sense already is aware. See, I feel life and manhood seems to not be starting over. The perspective is different. In the moments of certain situations, it’s hard to see how that moment will prepare you for future ones. It’s amazing how life works. There’s no controlling life. You may think you have control but you don’t. It’s a game of chance, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Cheating, isn’t controlling life. It’s just temporary manipulating it. And only on a physical consciousness. I feel we have it confused. I feel we all, are caught up on the “physical consciousness”. The flesh, materials, being human. Emotions such as angry, envy, hate, fear. These things are temporary, these things are external, these things don’t exist.

What is real? The internal, what we can’t see, but we feel. Whether are not we acknowledge the feelings. What you can’t see, what you can’t really explain, but you feel. Now that’s real. The spirit is all knowing. I’m not a human having a spiritual experience. I’m a spirit having a human experience. Two, very wise men instilled this in me. We’re all caught up in what “ we can see” what “we can explain”. Man fears what they can’t explain. Hate what they can’t conquer. Destroys and manipulates out of greed. This is why the internal gets ignored. Why? Most shut out the all knowing. The truth is scary to face if haven’t accepted yet. To be in such a position wisdom must be present. Accountability, responsibility, and understanding must have been tested. This is what’s real. This is what the all knowing wants to teach us. Take us from humans to human-beings to ascend to just beings. Money, riches, wealth, materials, greed, anger, hate. That all dies. Knowledge and wisdom is forever.

With such understanding, and knowing. I know very little, making this journey interestingly exciting. I learn something new about life every day. I have a different outlook, a more appreciation for life. I want to be like the tree. The tree symbolizes being. The tree doesn’t ask to grow, the tree just grows. The earth doesn’t argue with the tree for growing. The earth and the tree have a understanding. They understand their purpose. And they work together to fulfill such purpose. They don’t argue, they don’t hate one another, they don’t fear each other. Both the tree and earth just exist. Being isn’t something you can explain, being just is.

I want more for us. I want us to find our purpose. I want us to love unconditionally, for love is the true feeling. I want us to be free from worldly and human distractions. I want us to just be.

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