A guide to relieve stiffness working 40hrs a week(part 1)

Do you work 40plus hours a week? Is your job physically demanding or stationary? Both can cause stiffness, aches, and pains in the body. Just because one, maybe more physically demanding than the other. The body can still develop stiffness.

Let’s say you have a physically demanding job such as construction 🚧 🔨. For hours in the day, throughout the week. Construction workers are hammering away at things, lifting and moving equipment. Such a physically demanding job can cause the muscles in your body to overload. Now, although there’s benefits to overloading your muscles. It’s how, these workers overload there muscles.

Let’s say your hammering away for hours in the day. Your body can develop stiffness in the upper back, shoulders, upper parts of the chest, and even around the neck. When lifting and moving equipment, I see this a lot with moving companies. Guys will wear a back brace. Reason for this, people don’t know how to lift things off the floor. As simple as it may sound. There’s a technique to lifting heavy object off the ground. Since most people don’t know how to move/lift things, they use bad technique. This can cause lower back pains, knee pains, stiffness in the hips, and tightness in The TFL/IT band.

Let’s say, your job isn’t so physically demanding. You may work in an office or maybe a student. For most of the day you’re sitting down staring at a computer 💻 or your head is in a book 📚.

Ever experience neck pains even headaches, just sitting down at a desk. Being less active can too, cause stiffness in the body. When seated for long periods of time. Your hip complex is in a flexed position. Hips being flexed for long period of time causes the muscle imbalance of a low back arch. A lower back arch can lead to weak Glutes. With a low back arch you will experience lower back pains, this will make ab/core exercises challenging. Another common muscle imbalance, a person can get from sitting down for long periods of time. Are rounded shoulders and a forward head. Your upper back, shoulders, and cervical spine are connected. Your shoulders round out, because your body is adjusting to the seated position. And your body is looking for the least path of resistance(looking to stay comfortable). Once the shoulders round, the head lean forward.

How to relieve the stiffness?

There’s many ways to relieve stiffness in the body. For those who have a physically demanding job. You may want to perform Self-Myofascial Release(SMR/Foam Roller) techniques . This is like your personal masseuse. These techniques will release a lot of the tension in targeted areas. Check out my blog The Importance & How to of Foam Rolling. For more details on this subject.

Here’s some example to help relieve tension in the back.

How can you prevent stiffness?

Although exchanging time for money is the culture for most of us. That doesn’t mean we have to let the ways of society affect our health and well-being. You have control of your life, understand this. To prevent stiffness, if your less active. Get up and move! Don’t allow your body to adjust to sitting down all day. Our bodies are meant to move, not be stationary. GET UP AND MOVE! A simple walk around the block everyday , jumping jacks and jumping rope for 30 seconds 3 times out the day, will help. The lack of activity weakens our muscles, causing imbalance and increasing the risk for injury. If your already physically active. You may want have more rest/recovery days. Stay less active. Give your muscles time to repair themselves. You also want to do a lot of recovery work for the body such as stretching. Check out my blog “Will I reach my fitness goals faster, if I workout everyday”. I talk about the importance of rest and recovery.

Keep it simple team. Staying active, proper rest, and taking better care of your body will help prevent stiffness. If your not sure on what to do, on staying active. Go check out myFunctional movements of the week”. Video and tutorial of exercises you can do to stay active.

I will be doing multiple posts along with video tutorials on this topic.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

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