A guide to relieving stiffness working 40hrs a week(neck pain)

Do you experience neck, upper back, and shoulder pains? Are you experiencing headaches sitting at a computer? Or maybe you’re a student and you’re head is in the books for several hours? Do you live a sedentary(non-active) lifestyle?

If any of these apply to you. These are a few reasons on why you may be experiencing neck pains. When seated at a desk in front of a computer. You tend to round your shoulders forward. Rounding the shoulders causes the head to protrude forward. These adjustments your body makes are called muscle imbalances. These imbalances are causing some of the issues you may be experiencing.

What does being seated, have to do with me experiencing headaches?

When your body adjusts to the position of being seated staring at a computer or maybe reading a book. Like I explained what happens when your shoulders round. Look at this way. When in the position of being at a computer or reading a book. Your head is leaning forward looking down, only being held up by your neck. This places strenuous activity on the cervical spine, which is connected to the head, causing headaches.

Sadly, this is very common in our society. To help prevent this, stay active. Just because your seat doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Drop the excuses and get creative. If you need some inspiration check out some of these stretches.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

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