My Journal(“Making IT”)

I just want to make it, don’t we all. Make what? Now that’s an interesting question. Personally, I haven’t completely answered that question yet. I have thoughts an idea’s but no real answer. Maybe there is no answer. One of life’s many riddles. What I Know is, I know a lot about very little. Making this question even more challenging. Only challenging because it comes down to what I feel is “Making it”. See, we can all set goals for the future. Although that’s the case, the future isn’t the now. The past isn’t now either. So we cant live or dream in either for too long. I use to and still struggle with living in the past.

Why? I feel certain parts of my past were robbed from me, a certain circumstance that shaped me into the man I am now, weren’t my fault. The past is my escape from reality. The future is pearls of wisdom of my past. The only difference between the two is I lived the past. The thoughts bring back that very memory almost as if I traveled back to that every time. It can be so real, reasons on why I  keep a tight grip on reality.

I’ve traveled down the rabbit hole an almost got lost, but the light guided me back. With all my experience and the knowledge gained. It’s still hard to answer that question. Some consider making it as being “rich” and people usually associate “rich” with money. Rich isn’t just abundance of money, but resources, means, and wealth.

My idea of “Making it” is Freedom. We as a people, the human race, we aren’t free. We as humans aren’t meant to be in school for 6-8 hours from ages 3-5 until about 18 years old being taught false truths. And yes its false, only real knowledge comes from self-teaching and experience.  you don’t spend your whole childhood to adolescences going to school to be taught how to take instruction but minimize your creativity. You don’t spend your adult life working from someone. I’ll tell you right now if you know what your week is going to be like before it starts, you complain or feel some type of way about the same thing, your job is literally driving you insane. Same goes for students at the collegiate level. We as a people shouldn’t be as insecure as we are. So many of us look at ourselves and just hate what they see, and the world we live in exploits that. We shouldn’t kill each other out of hate, fear, or supposed “privileged”. Spiritually to many of us are lost. Beat down, weakened, and defeated by the enemy. We are all slaves and we all need guidance. I guess it’s not so much of an idea. Looks my answer is FREEDOM!

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