My Journal(Body Shaming)

You know, I spoke with a very talented trainer I know. Her journey is one I’ve been following for some time and she’s made major progress. I had made a suggestion to compete in a bikini competition, for I feel she has the physique for it and will do really well. She explained to me how she thought about it but was hesitant because her followers will body shame her for being too skinny. Yes, body shame for being supposed to “skinny”. You know that baffled me because I honestly thought you can only be “body shamed” for being overweight(how often are skinny people body shamed).

This subject bothers me, because what is body shaming? You’re too big, you’re too thin, your to this. What is it really? Society hasn’t made up its mind of what beauty is defined to be, but why should society define one’s beauty.

You know what I find interesting, how not too long ago being thin/slim was in. Hell, being thin/slim is still in. Have you noticed that almost everyone is either obese or overweight? I’ll get back to this.

Models, actresses/actors, entertainers, were and are mostly thin or lean. This aesthetic is perceived as being healthy. Which was used to define beauty?

There’s too many of us feeling insecure about the way we look, because society profits on the insecurity of people. You know people who get plastic surgery because they’re too lazy to work for it. In my opinion, that discredits the point and actual benefits of plastic surgery. What’s also saddening, are how lifestyles such as cross training and ketogenic can be turned into “trends or diets”. This can come off to be misleading .(big box gyms are good for this).

The story my colleague shared with me wasn’t new to me. I’ve heard this before from other trainers both male and female. I too have experienced the body shaming for being too skinny. Honestly, that’s was and still is, a motivation on why I always wanted to get bigger. Growing up I was told I was too skinny. How “I need more meat on my bones” or how much of a “chack” I had. That’s when your chest and back are one because you have no chest😩. Yea, it was bad, also quite hilarious. I use to take some of it very personal. I would look in the mirror and think I was this skinny frail kid. Even today I catch myself struggling with those same insecurities.

I want to go back to what I said about noticing how everyone is obese or overweight. The majority of U.S. citizen are obese, overweight, deal with some type of muscle imbalance and dysfunction, and struggle with some form of cardiovascular issues. You know society will tell you to love yourself how you are. And I agree you should love yourself, as for how you are, not so much. If your overweight or obese, you shouldn’t love the fact that you’re putting yourself at a health risk. They are health risk of being too thin, but in order to reach those risk, your usually dealing with a disorder(starving or eating ). For the most part, we all know that having some unwanted weight isn’t healthy and it’s ok to put on some weight if needed. We shouldn’t shame each other for whatever size we are. Genetically some of us are born being able to put on weight but have a hard time losing it and others struggle with gaining weight and keeping it. Both struggles are just as frustrating. Same way you eat well all week and you check the scale and you see you gained weight. How annoyed and discouraged you get. That feeling is mutual when you force feeds yourself, lift heavy, and the scale shows you’ve lost weight.

Don’t be a hater, straight up. I know everyone wants to get small and very few of us want to get big “apparently”. So what if you struggle with losing weight or gaining weight. Just don’t be a hater ok, everyone’s journey is different.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

Please share!

Thank you!!

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