A guide to relieving stiffness working 40hrs a week(wrist/hand pains)

Do you experience wrist pains when applying pressure? Example, when performing a pushup you experience pain or discomfort. Or maybe your typing at a computer all day. Wrist pains are common in those whom had a wrist or hand injury. Wrist pains also occur, simply by having weak wrist. The wrist, elbow, and forearm are 1/3 of work related injuries. A risk factor can be a repetitive hand task. If not treated you can begin to have elbow and wrist related tendon disorders such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you had an injury or surgery to your wrist or hand, it’s obvious to say you’ll experience some sort of discomfort afterwards. Now I understand, typing or even writing may not seem like such a stressful task to the body. Over time it can be. The body will develop overactive, weak, joints and tendons due to repetitive motions.

Another reason for wrist pains are because there weak.It’s that simple. We rarely to at all actually focus on wrist and hand strength. It’s supposed primitive or even child like to crawl and be on your hands and knees. Yet these very moves were the foundation to our overall way of movement. It’s from the ground up. Motions such as crawling strength the entire body and not just the muscles, but the joints and tendon, the lungs, and the heart. ( I will do a blog going more into crawling and the benefits). It’s interesting how we rarely touch the ground, yet touching the ground is what helped us stand up,hmm.

1️⃣static wrist extensor stretch- you want to keep your arm straight out at your side , with your palm facing the floor. Then extend your hand downward toward the floor and hold for 30 seconds.

2️⃣static wrist flexor stretch- keep your arm straight out at your side, with your palm facing up. Then flex your wrist toward the ground and hold for 30 seconds.

3️⃣Wrist Flexion. You want to have flat sturdy base. I used some books for the example I don’t really recommend. If you can do it on the edge of a table that would be perfect. Make sure your wrist is relaxed dangling. Palm is facing up(toward the ceiling) and flex your wrist. Really squeeze your fist while flexing your wrist. The squeezing of the wrist works the the wrist muscles and joints. You can add a light weight or hold something in your hand to add some weight to work the wrist a bit more.

4️⃣Wrist extensions-follow the step 3. The only difference in the wrist extensions is your hand placement. Instead of keeping your palm facing the ceiling, your palm is faced down.

5️⃣Wrist supination to Pronation- hand relaxed at the edge of a sturdy surface. You want to internally rotate (turn in) your hand and then externally rotate(turn out) your hand.

6️⃣reverse grip bicep curls- grab the bar, resistance bands, barbell, etc with a reverse grip( palms facing down) keep wrist neutral when you concentrically increase(curl up)

You don’t need a gym or equipment to do any of these exercises. Hopefully thi,s was helpful.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

Please share!

Thank you!!!

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