My Journal(Time)

Time has been a curiosity to me. I was always intrigued by how time works.

Time1 (noun)the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.

2 duration regarded as belonging to the present life as distinct from the life to come or from eternity; finite duration.

These numbers created to calculate time would confuse me. Growing up, I was told and through experience time is really perception. The numbers we may see on a clock don’t really exist. Around 1500 B.C. time devices were invented by Egyptians. For me, the information to explain when numbers were invented isn’t concrete.

Let’s take out numbers for a moment. According to the definition, you can conclude, before numbers were invented, time still existed. That’s what jogs my curiosity. Are we looking at time from a numbers point view or are we perceiving time through our own reality?

Growing up my family stressed how important being on time was. Not only does it make you look responsible, but it shows that you’re considered. No one likes their time wasted. The reason, you can’t make up for lost time. We can’t go back in time, we have to live for the now and push for the future.

(I have a thing for watches. I feel like a man should always own a nice watch)

I feel we are all caught up on the numbers aspect of time. You have to be at work at 8 am and you’re leaving your house at 7:50 am. You start to stress about being late. You have a project due in two weeks but you also have other work that has to get done in a week. These labels of time can stress us out. Yet, these labels are needed for us as a people, we need structure. Time, in my opinion, adds structure. It gives the incentive to be productive. Although that’s the case, I feel most of us have tunnel vision when it comes to time. We perceive time as it’s told to us. We rarely think deeper about what time really is and what time means to us. Sticklers for time and procrastination are perceptions. One see’s time more important than the other. The stickler can get frustrated with being late or missing deadlines(that’s me). The procrastinator may not take being on time as serious as the stickler but doesn’t let the time limit them. Again, it comes down to perception.

Grasping time can be confusing, it’s still very confusing to me. I tell myself patience, trust the process, and keep the faith. I still struggle with wanting things now, knowing that’s not how it works. Time has taught, patience and wisdom.

Time is valuable for once it’s gone we can never get it back. This can lead to living a life with regret. Regret can keep us living in a negative past.

Respect and utilize your time wisely.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

Please share!

Thank you !!!

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