My Journal(Happy Birthday Dad)

Who do you want to be like when you get older? Who is your role model? Questions growing up as a young man you get asked frequently. My answer to those questions is my dad.

Being a young man, the presence of a man and not just any man, an alpha male. Is crucial to his development and character. As children, we learn through observations. It’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure they stay aware of this. Why? Your mannerism, your views, your characteristics are being watched by your kids. My dad knew this, and it’s almost strategic on how he raised me. For it wasn’t easy, a man still going through his journey, must have the patience to help develop another man. My dad is very patience and wise, kind of like Master Yoda. It’s through him I was able to develop the sight to see. And it’s not the see you all may think with your eyes. He gave me the vision to see what is not there and understand why I can’t see it while teaching me in due time you will, for experience is the greatest teacher.

It’s not until being on my own the starts of entering my 20’s life became real. Life put hands on the young man and I wasn’t sure on what to do. The first time fear and doubt we’re getting the best of me. My dad was the light for me in those dark times.

You know the job of dad doesn’t go unnoticed. If the job is done right, credit doesn’t matter. My dad taught me that. He taught me, to do things because you’re supposed to. You don’t get rewarded for the things you’re supposed to do. Sounds harsh, yea he had his moments. But, as I get older the wisdom makes so much sense. Too many nice guys and not enough good guys. My dad wasn’t a nice guy and I’m not saying he was mean. The nice guy is Secretive and disingenuous. Only does for recognition, not a leader. The good guy is genuine, and genuine isn’t always liked(to real for most), the good guy does because he’s a good guy. There no need for a reward because it’s what he does. The good guy makes the best decision for all, the good guy makes sacrifices.

My dad wasn’t perfect and that’s the point. For he is a man, and man is not perfect. My dad isn’t average either, in the flesh may be, but mentally and spiritually he isn’t. My dad is very wise, I always wonder why people would let what this man says go in one ear and out the other. My dad made mistakes and to me his son it didn’t seem like it was many. That is debatable, but he did a good job at making sure what mistakes I did see, I tell you all now it wasn’t many. It was the imperfection in this man, I learned. Through his mistakes I found answers.

My dad is the man I inspire to be.

Dad-” be better than me son”

Son-” I feel you, dad, I do, but you’re a great blueprint to start with”

Happy birthday, Dad!

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