Reaching Ketosis Journey.

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t read my previous blogs, What is Ketosis and the Ketogenic diet, and What to eat in order to reach Ketosis click the links below.

This diet isn’t an easy one. For a slim guy with a fast metabolism I didn’t take diets seriously, and honestly, I still don’t. Yes, I do understand them but if you read my previous blogs you’ll understand how I feel about the term “diet”.

I did try a few diets, I’ve tried a few bodybuilding diets( so much eating), intermittent fasting(requires focus), and not vegan 100%. I cut all animal Products( eggs, fish, chicken, beef, pork) and all I ate was grains, oats, raw vegetables, and plant protein(I still ate candy). That was interesting because it’s not as hard as what people may think. It’s all discipline and a mindset change.

I’ve grown a fascination with the keto diet, for the more I do research, the more I understand. It just makes sense that this style of eating is what kept us surviving. Our bodies are smart and will adapt. It starts in the mind first.

The goal is not only to reach ketosis but more of an ego and gut check. To test my discipline and focus. As a slim fit guy, you receive a tad bit of envy, especially if you’re able to eat what you want. I go on these journeys because as a health coach and trainer, I must understand what may be challenging for my clients, and help them overcome that challenge.

From my previous journeys, I can tell you dieting is not easy. Whether you’re cutting carbs to lose weight, or eating every 2 hours for to gain weight. Both are challenging but very possible.

I use to be so obsessed with being big and part of me still is. Being told you too thin or too small, still bothers me. Being skinny would represent struggle. I didn’t want to look like the struggle. I was obviously exaggerating but that’s how I felt. I did get big, hit my goal weight of 200lbs, walked around between 192-196lbs. Your boy was thick and solid. All I did was eat and lift heavy weight. I barely did any cardio or bodyweight training. I was strong and aesthetically pleasing to the eye I must say. My strength and power did increase, but my overall performance decreased. I lost a lot of my flexibility, my endurance was horrible because I did no cardio, I would fatigue quicker, and I felt heavy(pull-ups were getting difficult). I was between 8-10lbs overweight. My body fat was at between 21-24% which isn’t bad but coming from 5-12% that’s a big difference. In order for me to keep that size, I would have to eat large amounts of calories and lift heavy. Some may want that, for me, my body lets me know every time I do this, it’s not for us. My body knows what’s best, so I listen. This fits more into my lifestyle and my new style of training. More mobility and functional fitness instead of bodybuilding and power lifting.

I’m not here to get anyone, just here to help and assist I wouldn’t suggest anything I haven’t experienced and learned from. I’m always learning understanding and teaching.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

If you find my post informative and helpful.

Please share!

Thank You!!

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