How do I get abs?

Achieving this goal can not only be frustrating to everyday people but can also be frustrating for fitness Professionals who have clients that may struggle with this same issue. Do you feel like you go to the gym and see no result, you may take classes a couple times out the week, or even see a trainer a couple days out the week. And yet you seem to still struggle to get abs. You might even be consuming a lower caloric intake then the daily recommended and still seem to have no luck.

The reason many struggles with the issue of achieving abs is lack of dedication, consistency, and understanding. Let’s start with the understanding you don’t get abs in the gym, you get them in the kitchen(nutrition/diet). This may seem difficult to grasp but when you think about it, it’s really not so hard to understand. Most people know if they put on a few unwanted pounds. Some may have an understanding in order to tone up or cut a few inches off their waistline they have to shed a few pounds. This goes for getting abs, let us not forget your abdominal section(stomach) is a muscle. So just like toning up the arms, ladies the back fat around the bra area, the love-handles, I can name so many more. The point I’m trying making, you have to approach the abdominal area like you would approach any other area. To my personal trainers keep it simple. You understand how to build muscle and burn fat. Apply that same knowledge to helping your client get abs.

I’m still not understanding?

In order to get your muscles to grow when working out, you want to keep the muscle your targeting under tension. A good example of keeping the abdominal muscles under tension are doing static holds, transverse(twisting & turning) slow and controlled core movements. Not only will this help the muscles in the abdominal section grow, but you will also gain better core strength and body control.

Now, that we understand how to make our muscles grow, let’s understand how to burn the fat. Burning the fat around the midsection primarily consists of what you do outside the gym. From how are you eating, how many hours of sleep your getting, to how stressed out you may be.

If you’re looking to burn unwanted belly fat first thing I want to tell you all. CUT THE SUGAR! All the juice, the creamer in the coffee, the junk food, and drinking alcohol has to be consumed mindfully. I know cutting sugar is extremely difficult, so you want to gradually ease your way into it. The over-consumption of sugar with lack of activity is one of many reasons why people may struggle with unwanted belly fat.

Include weight resisted exercises into your workout routine if you already haven’t. Weight training is a good way to burn fat and build muscle. You don’t need to do 100’s of ab/core workouts. You will not get abs that way. Your stomach will get firm and your core will be strong. Aesthetically, you won’t see abs until you start cooking them up in the kitchen.

I’m not here to get you but assist you.

Opposite arm to Opposite knee tap to toe tap. For 5 reps then switch repeat 2x.
•side plank to front kick to leg lift. 5 reps each side.
•Mt. Climbers 20 reps. 10 reps each leg.
•Plank Hold into Plank Pushups
•Plank holds with lateral leg taps to finish.

Great way to work your entire core, keep the abdominal muscles under consistent tension. and building upper strength and endurance.

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