7 Tips to getting Ripped Abs

Getting ripped abs is something most of us want but struggle to achieve. Doing 1000’s of sit-ups or crunches is an old school theory and not completely effective. To achieve the goal of getting a ripped midsection is all on your approach. Work smarter not harder. From my experience as a fitness professional, clients and everyday people would explain their methods on how to get abs. Some would do 100’s of sit-up a day, some would do ab exercises for 30 minutes to an hour, all kinds of excessive work that wasn’t effective. You don’t have spent 30 minutes in the gym doing ab exercises or perform 100’s of sit-ups. Here are 7 tips you can follow to helping you get a ripped stomach.

  1. drink watermost of us don’t consume enough water. When the body doesn’t consume enough water, any water the body intakes will be stored for later usage. This is how the body develops water weight. When drinking more water the body will begin to release the stored water.
  2. limit sugarsSugar is the main component of why losing weight is around your stomach is difficult. Limiting the amount of sugar you consume will help shed some inches around the midsection.
  3. consume protein and good fatsyour abdominal section is a muscle. Abs are muscles of the midsection. You must feed the body protein and good fats in order for your muscles to grow. Consuming protein after a workout is best.
  4. rotational movementsthe body is meant to move. Your core plays a major role in the rotation of the body. When adding rotating movements to your workout, you better engage your core. Engaging your core is keeping your abdominal muscles under tension promoting muscle growth. Some examples of rotational movements will be sit-ups with a twist, Russian twist, you can even use cable machines or resistance bands to perform rotating movements.
  5. strength trainingBuilds muscle, burns fat, boost the bodies metabolism, increases performances, promotes cardiovascular health, and prevents the body from injury.
  6. cardio(Circuit training)cardio is a good way to increase blood flow and train the cardiovascular system.They’re multiple forms of cardio. Circuit training is a very effective form of cardio. Performing multiple movements in a duration time with short rest periods really shocks the body. If you have unwanted weight, this will help burn that unwanted fat and improve overall fitness.
  7. dietabs are made in the kitchen. What you do outside the gym is most important when it comes to getting ripped abs. A well-balanced diet will help to get ripped abs a lot simpler.


For more information on getting abs check out my blog How do I get abs?

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