Resistance Bands Park Work Out(Functional Movements of The week)

Are you looking to get back into shape but you just don’t seem motivated? are you struggling with unwanted weight? Are you not sure what to do when it comes to exercise? If so, no need to feel discouraged you’re not the only one to experience these problems. Don’t fall victim to your self-doubt that’s how excuses are fueled.

Keep it simple and stay active. The more activate you are the better chance you have of losing the unwanted weight. The better chance of weight loss the more confident you will begin to feel.

Going for a simple walk in the park or a light jog for 30 minutes a day will help tremendously. You can then work your way up to some strength training. I don’t want you to think you need a gym membership or fancy equipment to build strength.  You shouldn’t let these reason stop you from taking better care of yourself.

If your not sure what to do to check out my Resistance Bands Park Workout. All you need is some resistance bands, space, and yourself.

I enjoy using resistance bands because there portable(can take anywhere), works well for keeping muscles under tension(Muscle Growth), helps with rehabilitation(strengthens weakened or injured muscle). Resistance Bands are one of my favorite multi-purpose workout tools.

Resistance Band Park Exercise

  • Resistance Sprints
  • Back Rows
  • Single Arm Back Rows
  • High Rows
  • Bicep Curls
  • Push-Ups

I’m not here to get you but to assist you.

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